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Pros of going for an original capes skin

Weather Proof

Weather Proof

3M Material

3M Material

Heat Dispersion

Heat Dispersion

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Residue Free Removal

Residue Free Removal

Bubble Free Application

Bubble Free Application

Reviews from our customer community and tech media

I always apply @capesindia skins on to my phones. These are the only ones in India who provide not only good skins but also good customer service. Thier skins make your phone look premium. Thank you @capesindia

Hima Nikshith

Shoutout to @capesindia for bringing a Dbrand-like experience to India! With skins like this (pictured here is the Black Camo skin on my Asus Max Pro M1), I may finally be ready to say goodbye to cases for good!

Ishani Ray

Just applied the @capesindia Camo skin and I gotta say, it did give my MacBook Pro a new and fresh feel... Highly recommended!

Ishan Agarwal @ishanagarwal24

Thank you @capesindia for the amazing BLACK CAMO skin for my Poco F1 (@IndiaPOCO). Easy to put and certainly gives a stealthy look to the device, totally loving it.

Tushar Dhenwal

Mr Yellow Loving the texture and look that this yellow skin from @capesindia gives on the OnePlus


Sandeep Sarma @sandeep9sarma

Before and After a @capesindia skin. Really like this one, a true DBrand competitor for Indians especially since it's cheaper and delivers quicker.

Aamir Siddiqui @aamirXDA

Insane precision @capesindia Thanks for having a #RealMe3Pro Skin Carbon Fibre is absolute Beast!

Shivam Shukla

Black Matrix skin from @capesindia looking so beautiful, more grippy and less bulky than the cases

Karan Verma

The perfect way to cover up the minor scratches on my OnePlus 7. Thanks @capesindia for making this wonderful skin.


Thank you @capesindia making my phone beautiful at best price. In yo face @dbrand, you overpriced piece of shit

Vinay Thakur

This photo doesn’t do justice to how good that skin really looks! So damn happy with this skin. @capesindia


Finally ! Got a solution for my broken back glass Thanks @capesindia

Jatin Mohan

@capesindia This lit skin arrived today. Thanks for making my OnePlus 3 look good as new. #CapesFTW

Clinton Dsouza

Thank you @capesindia for giving my old phone a totally stunning look at affordable price. Panther > dragon

Omkar Khele @Omax_napsteR

Who needs a case when you can use a skin, Capes India vinyl skins are the best! @capesindia

Chaitanya Alluru