Ctrl Uday Skins

Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
Ctrl Uday Skins
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Ctrl Uday Skins


  • Protection from Scratches

    Protection from Scratches

  • Doesn't Heat Device

    Doesn't Heat Device

  • Residue Free Removal

    Residue Free Removal

  • Weather Proof

    Weather Proof

  • Premium Vinyl Wrap

    Premium Vinyl Wrap

  • Bubble Free Application

    Bubble Free Application

  • FAQ

    FAQ ↓

Easy to Apply

Easy to Apply

This is our shortest how to apply video ever. Enough said.

Easy To Apply

What's in the Box

Each pack comes with 5 different sizes to chose from. Works on all Macbooks & Windows laptops.

We do not own any copyright of the artwork. All copyrights are held by their respective owners.

Customers Often Ask

Are Capes Skins easy to apply?

Yes, they are relatively easy to apply. Just make sure you watch our how to apply video patiently before applying, and you will have a great result.

Do the skins affect the functionality of the device?

Not at all. Wireless charging / Magsafe for phones will work as they should, without any hindrance. Meanwhile, on laptop trackpads, our skins on them will work as usual, along with adding to your style. Now coming to Professional Cameras, the buttons, ports & markings on your Mirrorless Cameras are easily and completely accessible.

Can I remove the skin later after application, and will it damage my device in any way?

Of course you can, the process of removing the skin off any of your devices is straightforward, and no, it will not damage your device because we use the most premium vinyl materials, which are residue-free. So your device is safe with our skins, both on the outside and inside!

Do the skins heat up the device?

No one likes their device heating up, and our heat dispersion technology ensures that! The skins do not heat up the device additionally other than the heat it naturally produces. As usual, we keep it cool.

Can I use a case with the skin?

If you want to use a case, you can do so. Just make sure you remove it carefully when you take it off, or there might be chances of the sides of the skin coming off due to the Friction.

Do you make the skins yourself?

In a world of outsourcing manufacturing to Asian countries, we’re stupid enough to set up a manufacturing unit to ensure we use the highest quality materials and premium vinyl brands. So everything is made in India. Oh, and all the raw materials come from Japan, Germany, Belgium & the USA πŸ™‚

Can I apply the skin on a cracked/broken back glass?

Yes. Instead of paying an absorbidant amount to repair your phone back glass, you can apply a phone skin instead and protect the glass from shattering more. This way, it also looks cool & you save a lot of upfront money. It's that simple!!